Episode 12: 2016 Round-up

January 9, 2017

What we played

Jack-  black mesa, Ben - Zelda A Link to the Past, X-Com 2 (briefly), Peter - Final Fantasy XV, Telltale’s Batman Episode 5, Talos Principle when we’re done recordin


  • Tracer from Overwatch revealed to be gay in comic book (comic called Reflections, cannot be show in russian due to anti-gay laws)

2016 round-up

Best games? http://www.metacritic.com/feature/best-videogames-of -2016?ref=hp (uncharted 4 highest rated)

Biggest news stories
Rise/Fall of VR, No Man’s Sky, Nintendo Switch,

Most popular games

Consoles - Overwatch, Overall - Pokemon Go


Dark souls 3, mafia 3


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